Anais_Bloch_La mouche du coche, Oil on Canvas, 2022, 30 x 40 cm

Anaïs Bloch is our dear Guest for the Finissage on the 20.10.2023 06:00 pm

Anaïs Bloch is a Swiss painter based in Lausanne. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in design at ECAL - Lausanne, she began a Master’s degree in Anthropology in London. She has since carried out ethnographic research using drawing, comics or painting. Currently, she works at HEAD – Geneva and teaches at Eracom in Lausanne. She is also part of the La bûche and Marie-Louise collectives. She develops a practice of drawing and painting, alongside various ethnographic research projects.
Her paintings and drawings feature characters, animals, fragments of objects and encounters. Inspired by scenes observed in the street, during events, or by classic images from the history of art, she uses various techniques, mainly drawing and oil painting. Her work is built intuitively and the artist lets the painting guide the subject. The image then appears spontaneously, through the work of composition between form and color. Her manipulation of paint with colored surfaces allows her to divert theatrical scenes with humor to build a burlesque and dreamlike universe. Her exploratory and metaphorical work transports the viewer into a poetic universe. Strongly influenced by painters such as Philip Guston, Sigmar Polke, Sandro Chia, Francesco Clemente, Lee Lozano, Myriam Cahn, she is also interested in underground and contemporary comics, such as Crumb and Kominsky-Crumb, Blain, Strömquist. Her work explores the questions of narration, caricature, and the story that it is possible to create between the form, the background, the fragment, in an image.